International award winning musical WICKED makes its return to Singapore to get audiences Dancing Through Life.

By Benjamin Chua

Wicked is back to dazzle Singapore with more colourful costumes and song and dance.
Wicked is back to dazzle Singapore with more colourful costumes, song and dance.

Get ready for a whole new and absolutely stunning experience as WICKED returns to Singapore this September.


Following a successful run in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, the play which was here 5 years ago – has been revamped and now features additional flying sequences.


For the uninitiated, WICKED is set in the world of Oz, the same one you know from the equally famous The Wizard of Oz. This is before Dorothy, Toto and her farmhouse crashed into the picture, and stars the popular blonde-haired Glinda and green-skinned outcast Elphaba.


The lives of Glinda and Elphaba intertwine throughout the musical, starting as students of sorcery and growing into Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West respectively. The duo are forced to take sides during the conflict that ensues in the musical.


Jacqueline Hughes, who plays Elphaba, told HYPE in an email interview that the greatest thing she learned was it being “okay to be different”, a nod to the discrimination that Elphaba faces in the musical.


Fans can look forward to Elphaba’s dance, where she gained the acceptance of the other characters who had ostracized her.


“It’s a really beautiful scene. It’s the first time in her whole life that she’s welcomed into society,” said Hughes.


The two actors giving their best performances in one of the turning points in the musical
The two actors giving their best performances in one of the turning points in the musical

It comes as no surprise that acceptance, friendship and understanding were themes from the musical that resonated the most with her. Fellow cast members Carly Anderson, who plays Glinda, and Bradley Jaden, who plays Fiyero, echoed the same sentiments, and hopes it will be the audience’s main take away from WICKED.


International Executive Producer of WICKED, Michael McCabe, also hopes that audiences will learn to not judge a person based on how they look or because they’re different.


It is all too easy to be suspicious of, or ‘demonize’ [someone], and WICKED’s story is a sobering and important lesson [on] looking beyond the ‘surface’ and also not allowing others to influence your personal feelings about people,” he said.


With WICKED being a massive production, Hughes shared that she has been improving her vocal stamina while Jaden does physical training and runs daily.


“It’s a production that we are incredibly proud of and we hope that audiences in Singapore will have a fantastic experience, whether coming back to the show or seeing it for the first time,” said McCabe.


WICKED runs from Sep 29 to Oct 16 at the Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. Ticket prices start at $55.


Check out the trailer for WICKED in Singapore below: