Release Date: May 5

Rating: PG

Runtime: 131 mins

Genre: Japanese Action / Thriller

Directed by: Eiichiro Hasumi

Starring: Hideaki Ito, Ryuta Sato, Masaya Kato, Gaku Hamada

While a menacing typhoon approaches, an accident at the giant natural gas plant Regalia occurs. Japan Coast Guard rescue divers Daisuke Senzaki (Hideaki Ito), Tetsuya Yoshioka (Ryuta Sato) and engineer Hiroshiichirou Sakuragi (Masaya Kato) head together to the gas plant. During their rescue efforts an explosion occurs that traps Daisuke, Natsu Nishizawa Kazue Fukiishi and worker Hisayoneo Kizima (Gaku Hamada).Meanwhile, at the head office, the Japanese coast guard tries to find a way to rescue the trapped people, but the government officials put national interests first. Tension arises between these two parties. Daisuke’s party, who is still trapped in the giant plant, has only one last option…

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Question: Is Umizaru 3 the concluding chapter of the Umizaru Trilogy

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