Contest closed Feb 7. 

The answer is “Creation”.
Congratulations to the following winners:
Heng Wen Xiu Rebecca (S95xxxxxC), Maryjane (S91xxxxxA), Matthew Chaisit Tan Li Jie (S94xxxxxB)

Why Customize? Why Cocoa B?

Perfect gift for loved ones on very occasion

Impress your love ones with your very own chocolate bar on any occasions! Cocoa B allows you to go the extra mile with your creativity. Be personal – choose only the toppings that they love. The creations are endless; rest assured that your chocolate creations are exclusive for your loved ones. Cocoa B is all about being personal and exclusive, so should you and your loved ones.

Birthdays, parties, anniversaries… You name it; we can help you create a surprise!

Fresh chocolates and handpicked toppings  

Specially handcrafted with the finest toppings are the key elements in Cocoa B. We go the extra mile for you by bringing to you special toppings such as bacon bits, crystal dice ginger, ikan bilis and garlic flakes! We are continuously doing our search to extent our range of toppings for your creations. So be prepared to discover more out of the world toppings!

You call the shots

Over at Cocoa B, you are empowered to do whatever you want with the choice of chocolate bar. Don’t be afraid of your unusual creations or how your bar will look like, we will beautifully present it to you. No questions asked. Period.

 UrbanWire is giving out 3 Special Valentine’s Bar from Cocoa B!  To qualify, simply complete the following sentence: Cocoa B’s tagline is “Our Kitchen. Your _______.”

(Hint: The answer can be found on the Cocoa B website.)

Submit your answer here!


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