Contest closed Nov 28.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Nasri Sadi (S94xxxxxF), Ievan Darwin (S92xxxxxZ), Kerrie Wee Jia Min (S93xxxxxA)


REBEL welcomes to you its 4th birthday bash on 01122012 with some bursting
wicked fun down to its every square inch! Run amok on this colourful affair
and feast on our signature riotous doses of urban beats dished out by
Rebel’s three deck wreaking homies Rattle, Tang and Will! We bring our brand
of nightlife bliss; you bring your brand of fun. So throw on your most
eye-popping, mismatched CMYK togs as we celebrate 4 years of rollin’ revelry
in this urban playground.


UrbanWire is giving out 3 pairs of VIP invites to Rebel’s 4th Anniversary Party!

Date: 1 December 2012 (Sat)
Time: 10PM till late
To qualify, simply ‘like’:
Rebel’s Facebook page (
AND (UrbanWire)’s Facebook page (,

then submit your particulars here!

Entries that do not complete all three steps will be disqualified.


*Note: Participants and their guests have to be 18 years of age as alcohol will be served at this event.

Prizes proudly sponsored by Rebel Boutique Club.