A lively and high-spirited atmosphere filled the air at VivoCity as the Navy Open House kicked off, offering a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of maritime wonders. Amidst the naval vessels and eager crowds, we embarked on a journalistic voyage, armed with curiosity and a microphone, to capture the essence of Navy life. Our mission: engage with the public and, perhaps more intriguingly, converse with a seasoned Navy seasoned seafarer, Captain Nicholas Koo.

The vibrant atmosphere at the Open House echoed with laughter, chatter, and the occasional roar of jet engines overhead. The diverse crowd, ranging from families with wide-eyed children to individuals sporting navy-themed apparel, added to the palpable sense of anticipation.

As we set out on our vox pop adventure, we found ourselves surrounded by a sea of stories waiting to be told. Approaching Captain Nicholas Koo, a distinguished figure in his crisp navy uniform, we were greeted with a warm smile and an air of quiet authority. Eager to learn more about Navy life, we began our conversation by asking about his experiences and the unique aspects of his career.

Watch the video to hear Captain Koo’s three biggest tips for recruits as he shares insights into the camaraderie and discipline that define Navy life.