Producer: Nicole
Videographers: Qi En, Fang Yi
Interviewer: Aishah
Video Editor: Hui Ying

In the heart of Toa Payoh Lorong 7, a humble hawker stall, Kedai Makan Muhajirin, has been challenging perceptions of affordability and compassion since it started in 1987. What began as a family’s commitment to serve the community has evolved into a beacon of hope for those in need.

At the helm of this endeavour is the son of the founders, Mr Mohamed Hajirin, who has continued their legacy with unwavering dedication. The shop is known for their remarkable initiative – the $1 Nasi Lemak, a gesture that extends a helping hand to the less privileged in the community.

The essence of Kedai Makan Muhajirin’s mission is not just about providing an affordable meal; it’s also about fostering a sense of community and paying it forward. The $1 Nasi Lemak is not only accessible to the elderly in the neighbourhood and those in need, but also opens avenues for others to contribute by paying it forward, ensuring that nobody goes hungry.

As the pandemic reshaped the way businesses operate, Kedai Makan Muhajirin adapted by leveraging social media platforms. They now accept orders through WhatsApp and Instagram, allowing them to serve a broader audience and facilitate bulk orders for various organisations, including mosques, churches, temples, and charities like Free Food for All.

Despite the challenges posed by rising ingredient costs, Kedai Makan Muhajirin remains steadfast in its commitment to keeping the $1 meal intact. The family’s resilience and community-focused spirit shine through as they start their day early at 4.30 am to prepare the food with love and dedication.

Kedai Makan Muhajirin stands as a testament to the enduring power of kindness, proving that a simple meal can become a powerful force for positive change within a community. Their story is an inspiration and an invitation for everyone to join hands in making a difference, one affordable Nasi Lemak at a time.